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Master Bedroom Makeover: pleasing the senses

Master Bedroom Makeover to please the senses -
Welcome to our boudoir! Oooh err!

Whilst 'The Tour' is a veritable given for visitors, I must admit that inviting the digital world and his mother into our bedroom does feel a little weird!

But here goes...

Introducing Phase 1 of our boudoir makeover!

Master Bedroom Makeover by

As you may remember, I started making over OneandSeventy's Master Bedroom in April.

First up, a lick of paint to begin the transformation from a plain, over-bright room with a forest on one wall, to a cosy sanctuary.

Master Bedroom Makeover by

I painted three of the walls in Gentle Fawn, using 'Valspar's Mid Sheen Paint & Primer in one' from B&Q and the fourth in Homebase's 'Home of Colour Pure Brilliant White Emulsion'.

Master Bedroom Makeover by

Many interior designers will tell you that your bedroom is one of the most important rooms in the house. As Kelly Hoppen says:

The design of the bedroom should be all about creating calm and harmony.
No room is more central to your wellbeing and comfort,
and absolutely everything in it should be designed to please your senses.

I couldn't agree more. 

And yet, in 22 years of living together Beloved and I have NEVER had a bedroom that pleases the senses! Sure, I've painted and always tried to make it look nice, but ours has always been a bedroom of function over form.

When I discovered this photo on Pinterest, I knew I'd hit upon a design that would help me balance the two.


After the paint job, Beloved very kindly installed a much-needed curtain pole.

Unlike the IKEA double we chose for the Guest Room, I wanted something a little more sophisticated. We decided on this chrome extendable pole from Homebase (£34.99) with cage finials that, coincidentally, match OneandSeventy's internal door handles.

Extendable Chrome Curtain Pole from Homebase

Ours is a South-facing bedroom, so the original plan was to purchase (or attempt to make!) blackout curtains. That was until a friend alerted me to these fully-lined B&M voiles that were reduced from £9.99 to bargainous £1 each.

Master Bedroom Makeover by

Yes, you read that right. £1 each! 


Not only were they a total score, they look utterly gorgeous against the new wall. So up they went.

To be honest, they do little to block out the light, especially now that we're in the height of daylight hours, but teaming them with the existing vertical blinds does help.

Master Bedroom Makeover by

But let's face it. For a two quid window treatment, I'm not complaining!

What's a little sunshine between friends?

After moving a few things around (namely furniture after Beloved gallantly gave up the window-side for his hot-blooded wife!), I shopped OneandSeventy for a few accessories to pretty up the room a little

Master Bedroom Makeover by

Master Bedroom Makeover by

Master Bedroom Makeover by

Master Bedroom Makeover by

Did you spot my use of the "p" word there?

That seems to be happening a lot.

I fear I may be turning into... dum dum duuuuuuuummmm...



Talking of pretty, this was the perfect time to debut those gorgeous damask cushions I showed you in the changing colours post. I think you'll agree, they are rather fabulous!

Master Bedroom Makeover with

Well that's it for Phase 1.

Next stop... white furniture.

Yep. I'm going to be painting all of that pine.

Just as soon as I pluck up the courage!

I'd like to change the flooring, too, but that's likely to be some way into the future. Maybe a couple of rugs might suffice in the meantime, just to take the edge off that sea of green.

We'll also be swapping out those wardrobes in the (hopefully) not too distant. (You didn't really think they were staying, did you?!)

Joking aside, I've gotta tell you... that pine was our first 'grown up' bedroom furniture and despite the passage of some 10 years and three house moves, the majority of it is still in fantastic condition! I think we paid about £500 for the entire suite.

Dear Argos,
You did us proud!
Beloved and Suzy Homemaker

Sadly, the wardrobes didn't survive our last move, but that wasn't down to build quality. It turns out we'd been so good at putting them together, they just didn't respond well to being dismantled and re-assembled!

Let's hear it for Team Suzy Homemaker flat packers extraordinaire!

The canvas robes we have now (Homebase £59.99 each) are a great temporary measure, but as soon as we have the pennies to replace them with what we want, they'll be relocated to the loft to create additional storage.

Another of Beloved's genius ideas!

A hui hou,


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